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"Transforming Visions to Realities"


- Cedric Baker -

Str8 Fire Entertainment was established in Douglas, Ga. In 1993 then later relocated to Savannah, Ga. in 2002. Str8 Fire Entertainment is a management, artist development, merch and media outlet that oversees many of Str8 Fire entities and artists that's under the Str8 Fire brand. In 2015 Str8 Fire Entertainment launched Str8 Fire Records which is a independent record label that deals with artist recording, beat production and promotion for up and coming artist. 

Str8 Fire Records has worked with J- RIzzal, G Da Gamespitta, Quando Rondo, P.O.B, Mr. Mackey, Boss Ladii A, J CHantel, GMT Rock, West Lake Pooda and more. We have expanded into the arena of Pop music. Our facility has grown outside of traditional music recording to movie soundtrack recording, commercials as well.


Str8 Fire Entertainment's  goal is to become a house hold name among independent labels. We go above and beyond the level of most independent studios and supply our clients with uncompromising service.

Str8 Fire Entertainment has recently launch Str8 Fire which allows consumers to purchase Str8 Fire Apparel to help the Str8 Fire brand.

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