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Cedric Baker Jr, professionally known as J Rizzal, grew up in Douglas, Georgia. He was surrounded with music at an early age by watching his father Cedric Baker Sr. aka Doc Wyld who was a well known as local rapper. At fourteen J Rizzal  was pressure by his urban enviromenment to follow his legendary father hustling reputation in the streets. At the age of fifteen J.R. was facing juvenile charges.


In 2006 J Rizzal relocated to Savannah, Georgia which he was mentor in the music business by his father. Inspired by his dream to become a professional rapper to provide for his mother and sister to escape the urban struggle. He started perfecting his craft as an artist by learning how to count music bars so he can master his creative hook making and witty lyrics.


On the rise to his success J Rizzal wanted to be entertaining like the artists he heard on the radio


As a young rapper Rizzal took his struggle and pain from his urban enviroment that he was raised in as a child and fused the two together to create his own lane and unique sound which would demand the attention of his audience.


J Rizzal is the next rising star from the South to establish his brand in the entertainment world from rapping, composing music and modeling. J Rizzal is the next face to look for on the entertainment scene. He has recently signed a management deal with Str8 Fire Entertainment an also in the process of inking a four single and two album deal as a Recording Artist with Str8 Fire Records in Savannah, Ga.


J Rizzal has released his first single “Twenty Four Seven”from the Mixtape entitled  L.I.V that is now available on Spinrilla an other music platforms.

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