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Matthew Ellington, professionally known as Adam Swoosh, grew up in Savannah, Georgia. He was surrounded with different genre of music at an early age. At the age of sixteen he fell in love with hip hop. That’s when Adam began to ink his thoughts and feelings on top of urban instrumentals such as Jay Z, 2pac, and Outkast just to name a few.   


Adam Swoosh parents did not agree with the music or his life choices. They enrolled him into The Youth Challenge Academy, which he graduated at the age of seventeen then later enlisted in the Army.


Adam Swoosh took the suffering and pain from the urban environment and sounds from artists that he would hear on the radio and fused the two together to create his own unique sound which would demand the attention of his audience.


Adam Swoosh is a novelty on the music scene; rapping, composing, modeling and complimenting his lyrics with the melodic sound of different compose produce tracks. Adam Swoosh has destined to explode to become the next big name in the music industry. Adam plan to take the music industry to another level because there is nothing in this world more important to him than the ability of sharing his expressions with the world through his music.


Under Str8 Fire Entertainment LLC, management Adam Swoosh has released his first single entitle “I HATE YOU” from his upcoming EP titled The Drunken Archives. (T.B.D)

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